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But his companion, Chris Harris is now at the least bi-sexual as a result of Bob

But his companion, Chris Harris is now at the least bi-sexual as a result of Bob

137. James Storm is an arse. Per week to your team he had been stretching newer people and telling them to pay the fees. But that’s additional now. He cries a great deal. If the guy does not such as a fit, the guy cries backstage a while later. I’m not rendering it right up. He could be just most sensitive and painful today. Strange. Just before Harris got the big men and women force the guy visited go out which have Bob. Things resulted in another in addition they had been both jacking the brand new meats whistle. Basic, could you trust somebody will pay her or him one? What i’m saying is, anybody but TNA? But exactly how great do Violent storm turn out inside? He will not whack of for anybody but still contains the a pay weeks.

138. When Missy Hyatt are sixteen when she found Tommy Rich. She was a virgin, actually orally, however, jumped at the possibility to strike him. So the guy got the girl towards the let you know and you may she blew him on the road. She did not ingest very the guy put a soft towel. The guy told her to save it as a good souveniur (sp?). She chuckled however, failed to ensure that it stays. When they reached the fresh stadium the guy questioned the woman in the future set for a minute. She met Larry and took place in order to Larry Property to have a beneficial meal you to evening as well. She must’ve already been starving toward organization. 139. Joel Gertner visited university from the Cornell U., of all locations. Their parents busted their ass getting your to see college or university truth be told there. He majored when you look at the Television development and worked from the a television member within the Ithaca as he is actually looking to get into new biz. With a couple of semesters remaining away from taking a keen Ivy League diploma, he decrease out-of-school to check out his dream.

140. There’s a rumor floating around RSPW many years back on Tully Blanchard, JJ Dillon and you will Maxx Payne gangbanging Dark Trip backstage at Slamboree Legend’s Reunion inside. I should say 92

141. Victor Quinones slipped Shocker a good mickey. Shocker seems sickly and would go to bed. Shocker gets up with lil’ Shocker from inside the Victor’s lips or just around are here.

142. Rita Chatterton who was the fresh WWF’s very first females referee alleged that she are raped of the Vince McMahon regarding back seat regarding his limousine. Chauffeur Jim Stuart substantiated Chatterton’s membership and you can recorded a lawsuit off his personal, alleging one, during the his WWF work, he had been pushed on the witnessing the latest commission regarding crimes. The cases were often overlooked getting lack of research or settled off judge.

144. Brand new Jack after had liquored-up on a remove bar once an indy show and spoke crap so you’re able to Swede Hanson on parking area.

150. We pay attention to CM Punk been banging Bj Whitmer’s partner if you’re she had been married to help you Bj. She, by-the-way, is much warmer actually.

Magically both of them got bumped of $500 / times so you can $step 1,five-hundred / times

151. I know so it belongs in another bond, but i have more about Bobby Eaton. He’s not the good boy people were talking about regarding almost every other bond. He’s a legit alcohol who acceptance booze to ruin his occupation and family relations.

I listen up happened when you are Punk are (nonetheless is actually) matchmaking TNA’s Tracy Brooks

152. Testicle Mahoney is even a beneficial satanist. James Mitchell is a keen atheist particularly Raven and you will CW Anderson but not an effective satanist. The guy believes folks are incorrect.

154. Heyman did not spend ECW men to have above thirty day period as the firm try passing away. The guy was not also in the suggests. He purchased themselves date by the stating telling group is diligent as he had been call at California focusing on protecting an alternative Tv price getting ECW. He had been in reality using the cash choosing an agent, shooting Rollberball, and you may spending cash to buy beverages and suites to own Hollywood products which have the fresh boys’ spend. Of course everyone knows he never ever told the new boys the company is actually lifeless. They just watched him towards the Brutal and you may figured it.



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